Cookies Policy Overview
This Cookies Policy clarifies the nature of Cookies and our methods of utilizing them. We advise reading this policy to understand the types of Cookies in use, the information they gather, and the application of this information. While Cookies typically do not contain information that personally identifies a user, the personal information we store may be associated with the data obtained from Cookies. For details on our data usage, storage, and security, please refer to our Privacy Policy. Please note, we do not store sensitive personal data, such as mailing addresses or account passwords, within the Cookies we use.

Interpretation and Definitions
Capitalized terms in this policy are defined as follows, applicable both in singular and plural forms.

For this Cookies Policy:

Company: Referred to as "the Company", "We", "Us", or "Our", represents IMG.
Cookies: Small data files placed on your computer or device by a website, storing details of your browsing history on that site.
Website: Refers to IMG, accessible at
You: The individual accessing the Website, or any legal entity represented by such an individual.

Usage of Cookies
Cookies are classified as either "Persistent" or "Session" Cookies. Persistent Cookies remain on your device when offline, while Session Cookies are deleted upon closing your web browser.

We utilize both types for the following purposes:
- Necessary / Essential Cookies (Session Cookies): Essential for website functionality and user account security.
- Cookies Policy / Notice Acceptance Cookies (Persistent Cookies): Identify users’ acceptance of cookie usage on the Website.
- Functionality Cookies (Persistent Cookies): Enable personalization of the Website based on user preferences.
- Tracking and Performance Cookies (Persistent Cookies, Third-Party): Gather data on website traffic and user interaction.
- Targeting and Advertising Cookies (Persistent Cookies, Third-Party): Facilitate targeted advertising based on user browsing habits.
- Social Media Cookies (Persistent Cookies, Third-Party): Used for social media interactions and related advertising.

User Choices Regarding Cookies
You can opt-out of Cookies by disabling them in your browser and then deleting saved Cookies associated with this website. Refusing Cookies may affect the functionality and user experience on the Website.For cookie management instructions, refer to your web browser’s help pages or visit:
- Chrome:
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For other browsers, please consult their official web pages.

Further Information on Cookies
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