IMG Basic

IMG Basic - Overview by Trader Mayne
Trader Mayne gives an overview of the free IMG BASIC indicator where he walks through its key features and summarizes how the indicator can be a useful tool for anyone who trades price action.


IMG Indicators OverviewThe IMG Indicators are crafted as comprehensive educational tools for price action traders. They incorporate a variety of concepts including:
1. Multiple Timeframe Analysis
2. Order Blocks (OB)
3. Breakers (BRKR)
4. Fair Value Gaps (FVGs)
5. Overlaps of OB and FVG
6. Overlaps of BRKR and FVG
7. Analysis of Internal and External Liquidity
8. Strategies for Identifying Potential Entries, Stop-loss, and Target Levels
9. Risk Management

These Price Action concepts can be applied to any market (Stocks / Options / Forex / Futures / Crypto ) and any timeframe.


Introduction to the IMG Basic IndicatorThe IMG Basic Indicator serves as the foundational level within the IMG suite of indicators. Its core function is to acquaint traders with elementary price action concepts such as:
1. Higher Timeframe Market Structures through Multiple Timeframe Analysis
2. Higher Timeframe Order Blocks
3. Higher Timeframe Breakers
4. Breaks in Higher Timeframe Market Structure

Higher Timeframe Market Structure: 
Market Structure can be defined using several techniques. The IMG indicators employ the Close through High/Low technique, which necessitates a candle to close through a structural level to validate a structural break and designate a new range.

Example: H12 Market Structure visualisation on a H12 Chart with annotations:

By selecting a particular Market Structure timeframe in the settings, the indicator immediately illustrates both current and historical market structures for the chosen timeframe across all subordinate timeframes, subject to the limitations of your Tradingview subscription.

Example: H12 Market Structure visualisation on a H1 Chart with annotations:

Higher Timeframe Order Blocks (OB): An Order Block represents the last candle of the opposite direction preceding a Market Structure Break. For instance, a bullish Order Block is identified as the final bearish candle leading to a bullish market structure break, and vice versa for bearish Order Blocks.

Example: H12 OB visualisation on a H12 Chart with annotations:

When activated, the indicator will highlight the Higher Timeframe Order Blocks responsible for a Market Structure Break on all subordinate timeframes relative to the chosen Market Structure Timeframe. 

Note: if multiple OBs exist, the indicator will display the OB closest to the new range extreme

Example: H12 OB visualisation on a H1 Chart with annotations:

Timeframe Breaker Blocks (BRKR)
A Breaker Block is identified as the most recent Order Block that has been breached by price, leading to an opposite Market Structure Break. For example, a bullish Breaker Block is the last bearish Order Block that price has passed through, confirming a bullish structural break, and the inverse is true for bearish Breakers.

Example: H12 Breaker visualisation on a H12 Chart with annotations:

Once enabled, the system will display Higher Timeframe Breaker Blocks after an opposite Market Structure Break is confirmed on all subordinate timeframes.

Example: H12 Breaker visualisation on a H1 Chart with annotations:

ALERTS: Higher Timeframe Market Structure Breaks (HTF MSBs)The system provides notifications of confirmed Market Structure Breaks based on the selected Higher Timeframe Market Structure Timeframe. For instance, selecting a weekly structure will trigger an alert when price closes through a weekly structural level, and the same logic applies to other timeframes like D, H12, H4, H1 etc.

To enable alerts, right-click on the indicator and select “Add Alert on IMG ...”. You may customise the alert name as desired and then click 'Create' to finalise the alert setup.


General Note: There is no system, indicator, algorithm, or strategy that can provide absolute certainty in predicting market movements. Use trading indicators as a tool to assist with trading decisions and manage your risk wisely.

A complete user manual/knowledge base on the IMG Indicators can be found here:

Stay safe and Happy Trading!